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Turton Tower

Turton Tower is now temporarily closed to schools and public until further notice to help contain the spread of coronavirus.

Built as a stone tower in the 1400s, this ancient house was a family home for 500 years.

A visit here will give your pupils an insight into how those people lived their lives, long ago. We offer a range of activities for school groups, which use both the house and its garden.

Our staff know that all classes differ in their needs and abilities and are happy to tailor a session to your particular class, please just call us.

Watch our video above for a brand new learning session which uses Ghost Stories to develop creative writing skills for KS2.

Learning Sessions

Ghost Stories

Full day / KS2 / English/Creative Writing

This is a fun, full-day session aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils in Year 5 and Year 6.  This session will introduce the classic ‘antiquarian ghost stories’ of M. R. James and use the Tower itself and the ghostly experiences of the staff who have worked there, to inspire the children’s own creative writing for this topic.

This session is not about horror but it is about atmosphere and creepiness.

Watch the video at the top of this page to see the session in action and hear the views of the children and teachers.

Meet the Tudors

Full day / KS2 / History

Pupils tour the house with costumed interpreters, looking at the different lives lived by the rich and the poor.  The children will be able to handle replica objects from the period and learn a Tudor dance!

View and download the session’s risk assessment here.

Meet the Tudors Session Outline Turton Tower

Risk Assessment Meet the Tudors at Turton Tower

Homes from the Past

Full day / KS1 / History

The house was a family home for some 500 years and the children get to compare and contrast what life was like then with their own homes.  Ancient toilets, four poster beds and a studded front door all help to show the ways in which homes have changed.

View and download the session outline and risk assessment here.

Homes from the Past Session Outline Turton Tower

Risk Assessment Homes from the Past at Turton Tower

Special Events Week

Victorian Christmas – 9-11 December 2019

Allow your pupils to take a step back in time to explore the simpler pleasures of a Victorian Christmas.  The children will spend half a day learning about Christmas in the ‘Old Days’ through a range of different, fun activities and get to meet a real Victorian Santa!

Cost: £4.50 per pupil