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Towneley Hall Art Gallery & Museum

This impressive house, once the home of the important Towneley family, has been Burnley’s Art Gallery and Museum for over 100 years.

Our sessions for schools have been developed in collaboration with local teachers and cover a wide range of topics drawing both on the Hall itself and the surrounding parkland.

Our staff know that all classes differ in their needs and abilities and are happy to tailor a session to your particular class.

Watch the film above to see how Briercliffe Primary School used the amazing collections at Towneley Hall to achieve their Arts Award Discover

Learning Sessions

The Tudors at Towneley Hall

Half day / KS2 / Art/History

This session explores the life of the Towneley family who lived in the Hall before and after the Tudor times. Children get to see a priest hide, learn about the fate of John Towneley and dress up.

Looking at Art

Half day / KS2 / Art/History

This session encourages children to study Towneley’s paintings by looking at narrative and other works in the art gallery.

Toys and Games

Half day / KS1 / Art/History

The children find themselves looking at toys from the past such as a dolls house and money box before taking part in a role playing activity with the toys.

Houses and Homes

Half day / KS2 / Art/History

The children explore the Hall comparing and contrasting the old house and its contents with their own homes.

Life in Ancient Egypt

Half day / KS2 / Art/History

The children use objects from the collections to find out about the lives of everyday people from ancient Egypt and then they get to mummify one of their classmates!

Mini-Beast and Habitat Safaris

Half day / KS1/KS2 / Science/Geography

Find out about the invertebrates and small animals living in the different habitats in the park including woodland. Collect mini-beasts using ‘beating trays’ and learn about the life cycles of the animals, their food chains and the importance of green plants and fungi.

Writing Biographies

Half day / KS2 / English/History

Children learn about three historic members of the Towneley family and use the information to write their biographies at school.

Local History

Half day / KS2 / History

A local history topic which can be based on any collection.

Additional Activities

Outreach Sessions

Natural History to schools in ‘Local Links’