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Queen Street Mill Textile Museum

Queen Street Mill is the last surviving 19th-century steam powered weaving mill in the world.

Relive the days when cotton was king and watch our weaving technicians demonstrate how to turn cotton into cloth on our heritage looms; visit the weaving shed with over 300 Lancashire looms and hear the clatter, witness the neat and smells and take the opportunity to see our magnificent steam engine ‘Peace’.

Learn about the lives of people who worked at the mill and trace the journey of how cotton yarn was transformed into woven calico.

Learning Sessions

Mill Life


What was life like for workers at Queen Street Mill? Explore the site to discover the multitude of jobs the mill contained and investigate whtat life was like for ‘tacklers, tape sizers and reacher-ins!’

Victorian Schoolroom


Take a trip back in time to visit our Victorian school teacher and become a ‘half-timer’ in the mill. Experience aspects of Victorian school life, from saying your times tables to writing with a slate and slate pencil.

Victorian Mill Children's Playtime


Its ‘work hard play hard’ for the children of the mill. Explore the toys and games that mill-working children might have enjoyed in their rare moments of free time and take the opportunity to handle real Victorian artefacts from mill and home life.

Victorian Wardrobe and Object Handling

KS 1/2

Step into our Victorian wardrobe and explore our fascinating collection of objects from Victorian domestic working life. Dress as a mill worker and handle pre-decimal money to work out how much you would have been paid for all your hard work in the mill.


KS 1/2/3

Discover the ins and outs of the weaving process in this hands-on activity. Tell your weft from your right as you try your hand at weaving on a card or paper loom to develop skills and understanding, and create a unique piece of woven art to take home.

Extra Information

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