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Museum of Lancashire

This fantastic venue is a great way for your pupils to explore local history in Lancashire. Experience life on the front line in our WW1 trench and take a journey onto our WW2 street to meet an air raid warden. Be part of an interactive time line and uncover the mystery of prehistory!

Learning Sessions

WWI: Duck or Grouse

(Half or full day) KS 2/3

In this fully immersive and hands-on session pupils will take a journey to the trenches of France. Here they will join our WWI sergeants as they prepare them for war. Pupils will experience life and conditions in the trenches, daily duties and drill, find out about trench slang, food, equipment and be part of a working party. Pupils will then be put through their paces as they are formed up and taken through parade and rifle drill. This is a truly unique and inspiring session taking place within a life-size 60 foot WWI trench.

WW2: Life on the Home Front

(Half or full day) KS 2

It’s time for you to do your part to help the war effort! Through object handling, local history, active participation, role play and discovery, pupils will be brought closer to the home front than ever before. Meet our ARP warden and government official, as they give detailed accounts of life on the home front and teach pupils all they will need to know to ‘do their bit’.

For a full day session, spend the afternoon with an SOE agent and a Bletchley Park operative to discover what happened if you were called to serve.

Pupils will take an active part in the session as they discover their responsibilities during such a pivotal period in history.

The Prehistory Mystery

(Half day) KS 1/2

Pupils will examine the mystery of prehistory in an interactive and engaging workshop centred on life in Britain before the Romans. With no written records how do we find out about the people who lived in Britain over 2000 years ago? Pupils will become a team of archaeologists and find out how people lived, worked, fought and died from the clues that people left behind. Pupils will develop creative thinking, teamwork and historical enquiry skills in the fascinating look at how mankind changed from a meandering cave dweller to a landowning farmer. Hands on activities will help pupils build a picture of life over thousands of years ago.