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Gawthorpe Hall

Gawthorpe Hall holds 400 years of history, yet still has a homely and welcoming atmosphere.

Set in scenic surroundings, the ancestral home of the Shuttleworth family welcomes visitors from far and wide to explore its grand historic rooms and learn the story of the family’s life at the Hall. Gawthorpe Hall is also the home of Gawthorpe Textiles Collection.

Learning Sessions

NEW - Victorian Pastimes

(Half day)  KS R/1/2

Find out how the Kay-Shuttleworth children may have spent their leisure time at Gawthorpe Hall and contrast and compare it to life in mill cottages and back-to-back houses.

This interactive look at Victorian life features a range of toys, games, songs, activities and stories that entertained children from all walks of life in Victorian England. It looks at toys of the period in general and how others used their imagination to make games out of just about anything, including portraits! The session is divided into two simple parts – Toys and Games.


(Half day)  KS R/1/2 

Discover how servants in Victorian times looked after Gawthorpe Hall in its heyday as a busy family home.

Pupils will find out what life was like for servants above and below stairs in Victorian England as they are put through their paces to see if they are suitable to become a member of the household staff at Gawthorpe Hall. Will they be able to cope with early morning, long hours and strict rules? Or will they be assigned to outdoor duties only? This hands-on, interactive session give you and ideal insight info life ‘in service’ at the end of the Victorian era.

Hands-on Textiles

(Half day) KS 1/2

Pupils will have the opportunity to view elements of one of the most fascinating private collections of textiles in the world in a hands-on and interactive session. Using parts of the collection as their inspiration pupils will learn the art of weaving or embroidery before embarking on a puzzle-solving journey around the Textile Gallery. This 2 hour session will encourage your pupils not only to work together as a team but also help their fine motor skills and individual creativity.

NEW - Feel the Force - Bridges

(Half day) KS R/1/2

Bring your wellies! This thoroughly hands-on, indoor and outdoor STEM session investigates the forces involved in bridge-building. Pupils will explore and compare different bridge types and work in teams to build a range of different bridges.

Additional Activities

Extra Information

  • Free site visits to teachers planning a visit
  • STEM session available now


Special Events Weeks

Shakespeare Week – 21–25 March 2022

Take a journey into the world of William Shakespeare and explore language, storytelling and swordplay.

See Special Events Weeks page for full details of all special events.