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Fleetwood Museum

This Grade II listed building, that once housed Fleetwood’s 19th-century Customs House, gives your pupils the opportunity to step back in time.

Through role-play and object handling sessions, your pupils can explore and discover Fleetwood’s heyday as a Victorian seaside resort. Pupils can also experience our new STEM cross-curricular seafaring themed activities.

Please note, half-day learning sessions only are currently available.

Learning Sessions


(Half day) KS R/1/2 

Victorian Seaside Boarding House

Find out what is was like to go on holiday – Victorian style, and go to the purpose built resort of Fleetwood. Meet an archetypal Victorian landlady as she reminds you of your responsibilities and the rules of the house! Some children may even find themselves put to work ensuring that guests have a clean and comfortable stay.

Victorian Object Handling

A variety or household objects from over 100 years ago provide the basis for a fun and interactive examination of Victorian home life and the anticipation of the trip to the seaside on a steam train.

Discover how you can mend socks with a mushroom and pose for an old fashioned holiday snap!


(Half day) KS 1/2 

Sink or Swim

A cross curricular seafaring themed session that involves scientific investigation and the simple art of storytelling.

Why do some boats float and some boats sink? Pupils will examine and carry out a simple investigation into what makes a boat float.

Discover how different materials, shapes and sizes can make a difference to your sailing experience. The ultimate test? Can you make a boat that floats? Find out how forces make a difference.

The Boat Story

What makes ships move? Pupils will create an interactive timeline of power, from muscle power to horse power, using the backdrop and stories of the museum to investigate different styles of propulsion through time.


Additional Activities

Special Events Weeks

Victorian Seaside Special

9-20 May 2022 – book early for this popular event!

Join us on a trip to the seaside – Victorian style! Bringing the sights and sounds of ‘the prom’ to life in a fast paced, fun and fantastic half-day session which takes in everything from the journey to the seaside, places to stay and things to see and do – including our hugely entertaining Punch and Judy finale!

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