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Clitheroe Castle Museum

Visit our award winning museum and let us take you on a journey through 350 million years of history.

Discover the spectacular Norman keep, explore the museum galleries or learn about everything that happened in the year 1066 from our experienced museum educators.

Watch our series of films about the Castle here.

“There was just the right balance between the listening to interesting historical information and engaging in hands-on practical activities. The children learned a lot…and really enjoyed the experience – as did the staff! From a Derbyshire Teacher

Learning Sessions

Castles and Keeps

Half day / KS R/1/2

Find out all you ever needed to know about building castles in our fun and interactive session. Discover why castles were built, what they were built out of, and why. Investigate how they were defended and attached, and find out how and why they changed and got bigger.

This involves a tour of our Norman Keep, spectacular view of the Ribble Valley and the chance to build you own motte-and-bailey castle. Learn about castle life and the types of people that made their homes behind castle walls.

Myths and Legends

Half day / KS R/1/2 

Come and meet our Dragon Protection Officer and enrol in SWORD (Society for the Welfare Of Rare Dragons).

In this exciting and immersive session pupils will be taught all the skills they need to become a SWORD Ranger.

Pupils will discover the secret history of SWORD, how to identify different dragons, discover where they live, what they eat, their likes and dislikes and how to care for them. They will also explore and train in the sword and shield techniques that are required to stop dragon slayers. Once the tasks are completed, take a seat and hear the tale of ‘The Clitheroe Dragon’.

Myths and legends combine to create a refreshing and stimulating learning opportunity that combines creative storytelling, drama, hands-on learning and adventure.

1066 and the Last of the Anglo Saxon Kings

Half day / KS2/3 

This immersive and experiential session gives pupils the opportunity to be an active part of the year 1066.  Your pupils will witness the rise and fall of the last Anglo-Saxon kings, be part of a Viking and Norman invasion force, and discover the key moments of three major battles.  They will also have the opportunity to examine and handle Norman and Saxon arms and armour, study and compare the differences and see how they were used in battle.

Pupils will then use their new skills and knowledge to become groups of ‘arming squires’, competing against other teams of squires to design and construct the best armour and arms for their knight – the bold Sir Egbert! – an egg! The armour is tested using the ancient method of ‘the deadly drop’ to decide who will become ‘Champion of the Egg’.

Additional Activities

Special Events Weeks

Castles and Castle Life 

13-17 June 2022

See Special Events Weeks page for more details

Extra Information

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