Outreach – Bringing History to You

Let us come to you! Our outreach programme provides an exciting opportunity for learning to be brought to life within your school or venue.

Moments in Time

Our ‘Moments in Time’ sessions are led by one of our experienced educators who will take your pupils on an interactive and fun filled journey through ancient civilisations or key moments in British history such as The Great Fire of London.

Sessions include:


The Egyptians – Find out why a Pharaoh faced a fitness test every 30 years and how the mummification process works.

The Greeks – Discover how Pheidippides became a hero and how a Greek called hero invented the vending machine.

The Maya – Where did the Maya live and what was their fascination with a sport involving a ball where they couldn’t use their hands?


Baghdad – Find out how Baghdad became a cultural centre of learning and knowledge and, at one stage, the biggest city in the world!


The Great Plague – Relive the events of 1665 and see what choices you would have made when ‘lockdown’ was announced.

The Great Fire of London – Join the King of England in a bucket line as we retell the story of the fire day by day.

People From the Past

Our team of experienced costumed educators bring you ‘People from the Past’. These engaging, hands-on and thought provoking session are supported by a range of artefacts, resources and equipment that will help transport you back in time and bring the past to life.

Sessions include:


The Romans in Britain  – Experience Roman military life with Marcus our Roman soldier. Learn Roman discipline, sword and shield tactics and find out about life in the legions!

The Saxons – Hear tales of the brave King Alfred and his dreams for a brighter future, become part of the Saxons’ struggle against the Vikings and discover what life was like in Anglo Saxon England.

The Vikings – Experience a visit like no other. Meet a Viking and learn about the warrior way.  Hear the telling of Viking sagas, learn to row a Viking longship and find out how they lived, traded and, of course, raided!

World War One – As new recruits you have been assigned to a regiment and are now under the instruction of your sergeant. He will prepare you for life at the front line, explain the kit you will use and make sure you write to you nearest and dearest.