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Lancaster Maritime Museum

This fascinating museum museum delves into Lancaster’s Georgian maritime heritage and the history of Morcambe Bay.

Your pupils will discover over 1000 years of local history, from Viking settlers to Lancaster’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade to Morcambe’s years as a popular seaside holiday resort. They can also learn about the Lancaster canal, the important fishing traditions of Morecambe Bay and the perils of crossing the sands.

Learning Sessions

The Vikings

(Half day) KS 1/2

Pupils are invited to visit our Viking settlement where they will be subject to Viking law and customs. They will be taken into the home of a Viking skald, who will explain the ‘Viking Way’ and give children the opportunity to take part in the daily household chores of Viking life.

Our Viking warrior will instruct them in all things Viking:  gods, farms, ships, raiding and of course fighting!  If you are brave enough maybe you will get to stand in a shield wall beside our Viking warrior!

NEW! An Explorer's Tale

(Half day) KS 1/2

All aboard! Discover more about life aboard ship and the famous trip to Australia by Captain Cook and his crew. Investigate map making skills, try your hand at tying knots and work alongside your shipmates while singing some toe-tapping sea shanties.

Additional Activities

Extra Information

  • Free site visits to teachers planning a visit

Special Events Week

Dark Ages Week
6-10 June 2022 – Book early for this popular event!
Experience life under the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings including domestic life, money warfare and storytelling.