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Judges’ Lodgings and The Cottage Museum

Step back in time at Lancaster’s oldest town house, a fine Grade I listed building, or discover the secrets of our Victorian cottage.

Through active participation, role play and object handling sessions, your pupils are given the opportunity to explore and discover what life would have been like for children their age during the Victorian era.

Meet the Victorians – at work, at school, at home and at play.

2 activities below make up half a day and 4 activities make up a full day.

Learning Sessions

At Play

KS R/1/2

Experience the positive power of play as you engage in an interactive look at toys and games of the rich and poor in Victorian England.

At Work

KS R/1/2

Pupils will investigate and experience life as a servant in a hands-on visit to the kitchen and the dining room. Role play and object handling combine to bring this session to life.

At School

KS R/1/2

Meet our Victorian Schoolteacher and find out just how different school was over 100 years ago. Our very interactive school session looks at discipline, the school day, acceptable behaviour and learning by rote.

At Home

KS R/1/2

Visit our humble cottage for a glimpse of home life in Victorian England. Pupils will appreciate the contrast between the Judges’ Lodgings and this tiny servant’s house and investigate what life was like indoors and outdoors during the later years of Queen Victoria’s reign.

The Toy Gallery

KS R/1/2

This exciting session will enthuse both pupils and teachers alike. Pupils will take on the role of Museum Conservator to examine how toys are conserved for future generations and to investigate how toys have changed through time. Pupils will then use our Toy Gallery, set out in chronological order, to identify and place toys on a time line. Pupils will also discover toys and games within living memory that their parents and grandparents would have loved and played with.

Additional Activities

Special Events Weeks

Victorian Christmas – 29 Nov-3rd Dec 2021

Traditional games, pastimes and Father Christmas.

Extra Information

Free site visits to teachers planning a visit

NEW Lancashire Witches session coming soon

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